Work Hardening

Ergo OccMed’s Work Hardening Program is a specialized program designed to help an employee  return to an active and productive work, lifestyle environment.  To qualify for Work Hardening the employee has been out of the work pool for a period of time and has no job to return to.  It uses real or simulated work activities designed to restore physical, behavioral and vocational functions. Work hardening addresses issues of productivity, safety, physical tolerance and worker behaviors. Ideally, a work hardening patient possesses a targeted job to return to upon discharge. Participation time is in multi-hour sessions up to 8 hours/day with a frequency of up to 5 days/week.

Work Conditioning

Work Conditioning Programs are appropriate for employees that are at 180 days post accident or injury and still have not returned to work.
Ergo Occmed Work injury

At Ergo OccMed, we utilize physical conditioning and functional activities to achieve the goal of preparing the employee to re-enter the work pool. Work Conditioning Programs generally range from 3-5 days per week for 2-8 hours per treatment depending on the severity of the injury; the time lapsed since the injury onset, and the physical  requirements of the job. The ultimate goal is to help employees build up enough flexibility, strength and endurance to tolerate a full work schedule with an emphasis on simulating job tasks, and establishing a routine “work day” with regular “work” hours.