Workers’ Compensation

As a provider of work injury treatment, Ergo OccMed understands the need for employers to keep employees safe and productive. When physical or occupational therapy is indicated to help get your employee back to full working capacity, we work closely with physicians for best treatment outcome. Ergo OccMed has an excellent track record of quickly returning patients to full duty.

Our office works with Workers’ Compensation carriers to ensure the best possible patient outcomes throughout the post-injury and recovery process. The goal is to help patients achieve the highest potential in medical recovery and functional capacity and to facilitate the fastest return to work in the most appropriate position.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

The FCE is a comprehensive series of performance-based tests that help objectively measure injured employees’ physical abilities. The tests gauge physical strength, range of motion, stamina, and tolerance of functional activities, including pushing, pulling, lifting, and carrying.
Through the FCE, Ergo OccMed’s well-trained therapists identify safe work performance abilities. This process helps determine the necessity for work restrictions (if any) and options for return-to-work.


Musculoskeletal evaluation (looks specifically at strength, posture, flexibility, gait, sensation, and reflexes)

Validity of effort testing (includes a battery of 15 to 25 objective, research-based tests)

Cardiovascular/endurance testing

Functional/work tolerance testing

Functional mobility testing

Body mechanics assessment

Observation of employee traits and behaviors



1-day format

Baseline or job-specific assessments are available

Legally defensible, research-based, objective testing protocols

All FCE reports are reviewed to ensure compliance with our quality assurance guidelines


An FCE is only covered by Workers’ Compensation and is not apart of the benefits package provided by private insurance carriers.  To schedule a FCE, call our office at 202.261.3582 or schedule an appointment online.